Die Bar, aka “The Bar”

Ideal for a sophisticated time out

Located close to the entrance, our bar is a stylish hub for communication and great taste. From espresso to five o'clock tea or exquisite wines, cocktails and spirits, the select menu reveals our great passion for cultivated bar culture. And like any good bar, ours is a meeting place for interesting people. Networking, small talk or enjoyment in silence – the choice is yours.



“The Bar” at the Trofana Royal

Whether seated at a bar stool or leaning into soft armchairs and sofas, our bar with winter garden, surrounded by light and cosiness, boasts favourite spots for every mood. In winter, a fire crackles in the fireplace, whilst exquisite teas warm you comfortably from the inside.

The sun terrace

Keen for some open-air flair? Our secluded terrace right next to the bar area invites you to savour a summer rendezvous. Here you can enjoy your iced coffee or sundowner cocktail against the backdrop of near-Mediterranean flair. In any case, the elegant ambience feels very much like dolce vita.

Bar Manager Florian

"I love to invent new things and I’m always on the lookout for rare ingredients. From yuzu to pine or gold leaf, there is so much inspiration!"


Bar culture at the pulse of time

In addition to his international experience in 5-star hotels, our bar manager contributes his penchant for exclusivity, something he certainly can’t hide from guests. Every drink is an experience unto itself, every visit to the bar a surprise - that's the credo of the entire team. Here, creativity and service race to outdo each other and special occasions are sometimes celebrated with their own signature drinks...

Discover the Trofana Royal

At the Gourmet & Relaxation Resort Trofana Royal, moments of holiday bliss large and small pile up to form the very destination of holiday bliss. Here are two such moments: