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Feel good ceremonies.

For the purity of mind, body & soul

Your body does great things every day: During marathon meetings at work or on the moguls, mountains and bike trails on holiday! Reward your strained musculature with a time out under the gentle care of our therapists.

Royal Beauty opening hours

Winter: From 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
Summer: From 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
Or by appointment

For beauty that shines from the inside out

Royal Beauty in the Trofana

Share your inner glow with the outside world - especially after a frosty day of skiing or a mountain tour in the sun! For beneficial facial and body treatments, our beauty team uses exclusive care products by Sisley Paris and Ligne ST Barth.

Our Royal Spa experts swear by high-end care, luxury make-up and fine fragrances “made in France.” Why? Because Sisley Paris' exclusive products offer perfect solutions for different skin types and different beauty goals and because their award-winning quality simply works!

From their laboratory on the Caribbean island of St. Barthélemy directly to us in the Alps, flatter your skin with one of the finest cosmetic lines in the world. Due to the concentrated, natural substances and their gentle processing, the products are suitable for all skin types.

A passion for beauty, exclusivity and efficacy can be felt in every product made by Le Duigou, an Austrian family business since 1973. While extraordinary nail polishes beautify the nails in more than 60 bright colour shades, innovative care products ensure a confident appearance and pamper the senses.

Our treatments

Royal Beauty

Facial treatments

by Sisley Paris

Expert Phyto-Aromatique treatments

Hydrating Facial

This special dry-skin treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00

Radiance Facial

Are you looking for a treatment to combat the signs of tiredness? Then this special treatment featuring instant effects is just right for you.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00

Reparatrice Facial

Your skin is stressed or inflamed? Treat yourself to this special therapy featuring valuable moments of relaxation to calm your skin and regain vitality.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00

Purifying Facial

This treatment is designed especially for oily mixed skin. During this intensive cleansing, impurities are removed, moisture is returned to the skin, the pores are refined and the skin is cleared and made even for a fresh and radiant complexion.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00

Skin Perfecting Facial

A unique experience with instant effect! This sensuous treatment cleanses and smoothens the skin while refining the pores for a beautified, radiant complexion.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00

Plumping Facial

A sensual and fragrant journey into the middle of the heart of the mysterious black rose. This treatment awakens the aura and beauty of a smoother skin full of radiant vitality.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00

Facial For Men

This special treatment developed especially for men provides intensive care to revitalise dry skin. The signs of stress and tiredness disappear.
55 treatment minutes € 148.00 
85 treatment minutes € 198.00

Anti-Aging Phyto-Aromatique treatments

Sislyey paris Intensive Hydrating Facial

This treatment profits from all facets of Sisley’s comprehensive anti-aging expertise. Concentrated active ingredients, which promote moisture circulation in the epidermis, restore the skin’s biological water balance. The result: smoother, firmer and more radiant skin.
85 treatment minutes € 198.00

Sisleyouth Energizing Early Wrinkles Facial

This invigorating and thoroughly moisturising treatment has been developed especially for young adults wishing to combat the first signs of skin aging. The skin is immediately revitalised with moisture and after treatment, the complexion appears both refreshed and more radiant.
85 treatment minutes € 198.00

Sisleÿa Facial

This treatment profits from all facets of Sisley’s comprehensive anti-aging expertise. Concentrated active ingredients, which promote moisture circulation in the epidermis, restore the skin’s biological water balance. The result smoother, firmer and more radiant skin.
85 treatment minutes € 198.00

Facial treatments

by Ligne ST Barth

Facial treatments Ligne ST Barth for her

Ligne ST Barth Pureness

Enjoy the fresh aromas of natural elixirs, which are reminiscent of a colourful Caribbean fruit basket. This especially soothing, luxuriant treatment promotes deep relaxation. The high-quality, nourishing plant products which contain natural vitamins and minerals have an intensive clarifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own activity. The result is a clear, even and fresh complexion.

Facial and neckline treatment
25 treatment minutes € 68.00

In addition with hand massage & purifying treatment or facial massage
55 treatment minutes € 118.00

Ligne ST Barth Freshness

Enjoy an intensely relaxing and restorative treatment for your face, neck, neckline and hands. A freshly prepared fruit mousse intensively supports the effect of these highquality nourishing plant products, which contain natural vitamins and minerals. During the relaxation phase your hands are indulged with a nourishing hand massage.

Facial and neckline treatment with fresh fruit mousse
85 treatment minutes € 152.00

Facial treatments Ligne ST Barth for him

Ligne ST Barth Homme Pureness

Enjoy an extraordinary soft facial treatment for your face, neck and neckline. This especially calming and pampering ritual promotes complete relaxation and a balanced and refreshed complexion.

Refreshing and cleansing facial treatment
25 treatment minutes € 68.00

In addition with hand massage & purifying treatment or facial massage
55 treatment minutes € 118.00

Ligne ST Barth Homme Freshness

Exquisite elixirs combined with fresh fruits take you off into a realm of relaxation and pleasure. Relaxation starts with a head & neck massage, which relieves stiff muscles. An indulgent and calming facial treatment provides optimum relaxation. During the relaxation phase your hands are indulged with a nourishing hand massage. A fresh and relaxing complexion lets your personality shine through.

A refreshing and rejuvenating facial treatment
85 treatment minutes € 152.00

Beauty treatments


Sisley has developed an innovative line of botanical make-up that combines radiant colours and a selection of effective and nurturing textures with the latest technologies.

  • Day make-up € 40.00
  • Evening make-up € 120.00
  • Individual day make-up after a facial treatment € 29.00

Hair removal with wax


  • Upper lip € 19.00
  • Cheeks or chin € 19.00
  • Armpits € 30.00
  • Bikini line € 38.00
  • Lower leg € 47.00
  • Whole leg € 68.00


  • Back or chest € 48.00

Eyelash & Eyebrow

  • Eyelash colouring € 23.00
  • Eyebrow colouring € 19.00
  • Eyebrow shaping € 19.00
  • Eyelash & eyebrow colouring and shaping € 49.00

Manicure & pedicure


Lean back and enjoy this fantastic spa manicure. It includes a scented hand bath, peeling, nail shaping and cuticle care and finally a relaxing massage.
50 treatment minutes € 79.00

Spa Pedicure

Allow your feet and your entire body to relax with this wonderfully scented footbath. It is followed by a peeling, making your feet velvety soft and smooth. We will beautify your nails, repair the skin around the nails, and remove any cornified skin. The treatment is concluded with a special foot massage.
50 treatment minutes € 81.00


  • In combination with treatment € 17.00
  • Without treatment € 32.00

Range of treatments

Massages, baths & packs

Enter an opulent bathing world straight out of ‘a thousand and one nights.’ Let fragrances, colours and muted sounds whisk you away into a dream. Become the beguiling Scheherazade in the Seraglio Bath or the Egyptian beauty queen in the Cleopatra Bath. Reawaken in the Alps with the aromatic scent of Tyrolean mountain hay in your nostrils.



This massage relieves tension after sport. It promotes a sense of well-being and improves performance. Completely tailored to your individual needs!
25 treatment minutes € 74.00
50 treatment minutes € 116.00


This is the ultimate relaxation therapy. The massage not only relieves painful muscle cramps, but also assists mental relaxation. By treating yourself to a full-body massage you receive new enjoyment of life – full of energy and vitality.
50 treatment minutes € 116.00
80 treatment minutes € 149.00


The burdens of everyday life are carried on your back. Your arms and legs are constantly in motion and your muscles are often sore and stiff after sport. We recommend a partial body massage in order to prevent or alleviate sore muscles.
25 treatment minutes € 74.00


Do you have strained muscles? This full-body massage focuses on your most outworn zones with the help of various massage oils.
50 treatment minutes € 116.00
80 treatment minutes € 149.00


The reflexology zones on the soles of your feet are the most effective tools we have for helping and healing. Increase your body awareness in a very special way. Massage including foot peeling.
50 treatment minutes € 116.00


Combination of back and reflexology foot massage.
50 treatment minutes € 116.00


This is a gentle, relaxing massage for the entire body. Various aroma and oil essences have an extremely appealing effect on body, mind and soul.
50 treatment minutes € 116.00


Lymphatic drainage is a therapy to decongest oedemas and swelling. Excess fluids are transferred from the tissue to the lymphatic vascular system through circular movements using light pressure.

Partial lymphatic drainage for legs / face
50 treatment minutes € 116.00

Full-body lymphatic drainage
80 treatment minutes € 149.00


Kinesio Taping is a special method originating in Japan. It was developed by the chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase, and has been used for around 30 years. This method treats pain, inflammations and swelling by applying elastic, adhesive tape (without any active substances). Each person is individually examined before the tapes are applied.
Tape in combination with a teatment € 25.00

Body treatments


A relaxing, exfoliating massage for soft, smooth and even skin. The fruit enzymes and a special mineralised sea-sand complex remove dead skin cells.

Exfoliating body massage with coconut oil & fresh papaya
45 treatment minutes € 89.00


This beneficial massage begins with a relaxing ceremony and in combination with the various, perfectly matched products, it has a decongestive and draining effect on the lymphatic system.
50 treatment minutes € 116.00


Intense body care to improve the condition of your skin with valuable minerals and vitamins. Ivy, menthol and camphor stimulate and purify the tissue. The result is visibly refined and firmed skin.

Body pack with aluminium oxide & melon or cucumber mousse
45 treatment minutes € 93.00

Baths & Packs

ALPINE BATHS in the jacuzzi

Enjoy a relaxing bath and immerse yourself in a world of well-being and regeneration.
20 treatment minutes € 48.00


Feel like Cleopatra, the Ancient World’s icon of beauty and radiance. Exquisite ingredients – mares’ milk, fresh honey and select fragrances – act on your body and form a soft coat of smoothness. Treat yourself to this royal bathing ritual in Egyptian atmosphere.
20 treatment minutes € 48.00

Royal Cocoon

The scent of freshness awaits you in our steam bath to prepare your skin, followed by a soap lather massage. A blossom bath stimulates your senses and relaxes you. The relaxing atmosphere gives you a sense of perfect well-being.

Individual treatment approx. 80 minutes € 138.00

Royal VIP

Various mineral-rich and deep-cleansing earthen muds are applied to the body. The effects are unleashed in the steam for approx. 20 minutes and the body absorbs the minerals through the skin. The result is intensive regeneration and a refined complexion. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy a rest phase with a small refreshment.

2 - 4 persons approx. 50 minutes
2 persons € 142.00
3 persons € 172.00
4 persons € 202.00


The valuable oil from the Tyrolean Alps has a regenerating effect to relieve back, joint and muscle pain.
20 treatment minutes € 48.00


A true pick-me-up! After a day of skiing or hiking, you will really come back to life.
20 treatment minutes € 48.00

Haslauer lounger purifying body packs


Moor mud is mineral, organic peat. The heat penetrates up to three centimetres into the body and boosts the metabolism, alleviates pain, promotes circulation and relaxes tense muscles.

25 treatment minutes € 52.00 (Highly recommended before massage to relax muscles.)
50 treatment minutes € 82.00


Algae boost your metabolism and moisturise your tissue. The result is firmer and more elastic skin.
50 treatment minutes € 82.00


Relax your body with the original Rügen healing chalk pack. A natural product that lays untouched in the "Rügen chalk sea" for 60 to 70 million years. Positive experiences have been made with:

> Arthrosis / Arthritis
> Rheumatic diseases
> Gout
> Osteoporosis
> Muscle tension
> Beneficial effect for many skin problems
> Metabolism stimulation
> Increase of general well-being

50 treatment minutes € 82.00

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