Royal Vinotheque

For the love of fine wine.

The wide world of wine

The Trofana Royal’s wine cellar holds around 25,000 bottles from wine-growing regions around the globe, all finely sorted. Mature rarities, classics & niche items: Lovingly assembled by host Hans and Alexander von der Thannen and sommelier Christian Zögernitz to share their passion with knowledgeable and curious wine connoisseurs.


In the vinotheque, hosts uncork light to full-bodied wines for you to sample. It is an experience so special, all other wine tastings will be measured against it. In the parlours, sommeliers guide you through a 500 item wine list with a focus on Austria and top wines from Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the New World.


Private dining

For an entire evening, immerse yourself in our tasting cellar and savour exquisite wines in select company (max. 20 persons). Each wine is chosen in accordance with evening’s menu. The whole thing feels exciting, almost a bit conspiratorial, and at the same time wonderfully relaxed. This is definitely a dinner that your palate (and heart) won’t soon forget.

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“Normally you can only get one bottle of this.”

Hans von der Thannen on the coming and going of rare treasures

The wide world of wines was opened up late in the Trofana Royal, but all the more intensively.
These days, however, Hans von der Thannen has an inexhaustible repertoire of anecdotes to share when you sit together with him over a glass of wine - preferably a light tipple, e.g. a Blaufränkisch or fine Zweigelt from Austria. With connoisseurs, he also shares his passion for top wines such as Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Mouton Rothschild, Château Latour, Château Haut Brion or Château Beychevelle.

Constant continuing education and annual wine trips with the in-house sommeliers strengthen contacts with the wineries. In turn, Trofana Royal guests profit from surprises on the menu again and again.

Around 700 varieties (with vintages) are now stored in the Royal Vinotheque. His son Alexander, “a wine freak that I have to financially back,” is the main source of new supplies,

says Hans von der Thannen with a smile.

Good relationships are vital when it comes to stocking up on rare wines.
"For example, when the French dessert wine Château d'Yquem was suddenly out after ten years or when not a single bottle of Château Mourgues du Grès was sold for years and then six in one week. Normally, you can only get one bottle of this - but we managed to fulfill all our guests' wishes."

“Wine brings people together”

Interview with head sommelier Christian Zögernitz
Does the perfect wine exist?

Yes and no. For me, the perfect wine is not defined by a particular variety or label. Where I drink it, with whom and for what occasion are factors that determine the right choice. Even the time of day and season play a role. If I consider all these factors, I find it easy to reach for the perfect wine.

What distinguishes a very good sommelier from a good sommelier?

Expert knowledge and passion for wine are prerequisites. But it also takes a combination of skills to recognise nuances of taste and to combine them correctly. The most important thing, however, is to listen to the guest and respond to his wishes.

What criteria do you use to put together the wine list?

I take care to cover a wide range of products, to maintain good partnerships over many years, and to keep my finger on the pulse of the times. The price-performance ratio of the wines must also be right. I also pay great attention to the regular training of my employees with professional colleagues, vintners, etc.

Would you rather advise the inexperienced wine drinker or the connoisseur?

Both are challenges - variety is the spice of life. Our regular guests know that we are highly trained and are always happy to receive advice. In recent years, I have noticed that guests have more expertise. Some of them also use wine apps, however personal exchange with me and the 5 to 6 diploma sommeliers is still very much appreciated.


Head sommelier Christian hesitates when asked about the perfect wine:

“Where I drink it, with whom, and for what occasion determines the right choice.”

Is there an experience that has remained indelible in your memory?
In the early 1990s, at the beginning of my sommelier career, I conducted a half-hour sales talk in English. At the end, the customer bought a Magnum 75 Château Latour, tried it briefly and gave me the rest as a gift. The punch line: The customer was chairman of the board of directors at Château Latour - which I did not know at the time. That was a lesson for me to always only talk about what I know from my own experience or can prove with facts from a reliable source. The guests feel this and trust my recommendation.

What do you love about your job?
For me, wine is the epitome of culture. It brings people together and gives them precious moments of pleasure. Many long-standing friendships are based on a shared love for a good glass of wine. What could be better than forging and strengthening this bond?

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