Fun and adventure at the Kids’ Club

For princes & superheroes.

Childcare that adapts to your needs

As caring parents, you want to know that your offspring are in the best hands. Peace of mind will allow you to unwind and at the Royal Spa or enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner. This is exactly what the Kids’ Club and our childcare staff provide. They actively and compassionately take care of Little Royals from 3 years of age.


Your favourite place in the hotel

In the spacious play area, toddlers and teenagers alike feel at home because there are offers for all ages. With plenty of creativity, Kids’ Club supervisors ensure that there is a variety of exciting activities. Fun and games, action and spontaneous trips out into nature - Little Royals will love it!

Opening hours in summer

daily from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm (except Saturday)

Opening hours in winter

daily from 3:00 to 10:30 pm (except Saturday)

Open play area

Families can also use the playroom outside of the Kids’ Club opening hours. Supervision during these times is the responsibility of parents.

Spiel und Spaß für die ganze Familie im Trofana Royal
Individual babysitting

If your child is still too small for the Kids’ Club, or you would like flexible one-on-one care, we’d happy to organise a personal babysitter.

A staff member on the Kids’ Club

“Every day, we find out what the kids enjoy most. Boredom has no place in the big play room and certainly not while playing outside!”

Discover the Trofana Royal

At the Gourmet & Relaxation Hotel Tofana Royal, moments of holiday bliss large and small pile up to form the very destination of holiday bliss. Here are two such moments:

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