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Our awards

Excellence in black and white.

It’s not the seals of approval or certificates that honour us most.

The enthusiasm of our guests is what motivates us to strive for the very best. Nevertheless, official recognition by independent juries and experts of course makes us happy. It confirms our continuous pursuit of the extraordinary.

Paznaunerstube: 4 Hauben - 18 Punkte
Sieberers Heimatbühne: 3 Huben - 15 Punkte

Paznaunerstube: 98 Punkte & 4 Gabeln
Sieberers Heimatbühne: 95 Punkte & 4 Gabeln

Martin Sieberer ist "Koch des Jahres 2021" im Schlemmeratlas & 100BestChefs Austria 2020

Paznaunerstube: 5 "Schlemmer Atlas" Kochlöffel
Heimatbühne: 3 "Schlemmer Atlas" Kochlöffel

At this point, we would like to thank the entire team for making Trofana Royal what it is: The first address for luxury holidays in Tirol.

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