Wild, beautiful Paznaun

Your Paznaun, my Paznaun.

Where nature and culture meet

The Paznaun valley is a narrow high valley in the west of Tyrol, far from the concerns and cares of everyday life. From the picturesque Wiesberg Castle at the valley entrance, the valley ascends over 40 km up to the ‘Blue’ Silvretta.

Fascinating Paznaun

5 facts about the region you may not have known.
The landscape is rough and sparse, sun-drenched and idyllic in its own way.

It is untamed and yet comfortably accessible; rich in tradition and boasting a distinct culture of enjoyment. Among the Alpine valleys, summery Paznaun is still considered an insider tip because it holds yet undiscovered natural treasures. It is the perfect getaway for mountaineers and leisure-seekers who want to track down stories and experience nature with all senses.


The rarest schnapps comes from Galtür

‘Gentian digging’ has been a documented practice in the region since the 18th century. Since 2013, it has been part of the intangible cultural heritage in Austria. Because the medicinal plants are protected under nature conservation law, only 13 households in Galtür receive the right to be entered in the annual prize draw to dig up 100 kilos of gentian roots each. This produces about 7 litres of the spicy-bitter schnapps, which owners strictly covet. So if you are ever offered a Galtür gentian: Congratulations and cheers!


Ernest Hemingway was here

The famous writer was an enthusiastic ski tourer and spent the winters of 1925 and 1926 in Schruns in Montafon. After a tour to the Jamtalhütte mountain hut, he also journeyed to Galtür. Obviously impressed by what he saw, he wrote the macabre tale "An Alpine Idyll" in 1925, which was set in Galtür. His likeness can be found in many places throughout town since that time.

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