Royal Cooking Academy

Tips and tricks from the top chef.

Discover the secrets of top-shelf cooking

Regardless of whether you want to expand your culinary repertoire for family and friends or are just curious to see what an award-winning kitchen looks like from the inside: In Martin Sieberer’s cookery courses, you will profit from professional knowledge and crisp, fresh ideas to cook delicious food at home.

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The meeting time is always at 09:00 am at the hotel reception. After a short introduction to the daily routine, Martin Sieberer takes his “brigade” into the kitchen and puts them to work under constant supervision. The instructive cooking day culminates at around 03:00 pm with a communal meal in the Paznaunerstube restaurant. Each cooking course includes all recipes in full, a cooking apron, the cooking academy certificate, a small gift and the communal meal with table drinks.

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