Portrait of Martin Sieberer

Our chef, a team player.

TYrol's most decorated chef

As a Tyrolean with a close connection to his homeland, Martin Sieberer loves the mountains, especially those that surround his home in Ischgl. After all, so much good is growing here; ingredients for his latest kitchen experiments. Here, he can strap on his skis in winter and get some distance from the stove or enjoy a quiet mountain meadow near the Dias Alm above his home in Kappl in summer. These days, however, the highest peak in Paznaun is no longer the Fluchthorn at 3,399 m, but rather the pile of awards that Sieberer has collected since first being dubbed “Rising chef of the Year 1997.” For more than 20 years, he has treated guests to the pinnacle of cuisine; Currently, a total of 7 toques adorn the two À-la-carte restaurants of the Trofana Royal.

Martin Sieberer illuminates the tradition of Tyrolean cuisine with the skill of a world-class chef. But those who eat in the Trofana Royal will be treated to more than “just” good food. They'll also enjoy a perfectly staged culinary evening with dishes like works of art.

Interview with Martin Sieberer

You are an indelible part of the Trofana Royal tradition. Where does this loyalty come from?

Since I accepted this great challenge in 1996, the partnership has developed into a success story for Trofana Royal, for me and for the whole region. And yet I still have many goals and ideas that I would like to implement together with von der Thannen family in the coming years!

How do you manage the balancing act of being innovative while retaining your own signature style?

If you cook what you like best, you’ll create your own distinctive line along the way. And, of course, I keep myself constantly informed about new trends, cooking techniques and product ranges and I try out everything that fits my style. I don't feel any pressure. High expectations are only imposed from within. I know that if I meet my own high standards, the guests and critics will always be delighted.

From today's perspective: Is there still room for improvement?

Trofana Royal’s cuisine has changed a lot over the last 20 years. If you look years or decades ahead, you might think that this success cannot continue. But we keep developing new dishes week after week, month after month. On the other hand, certain classics will still be served in 20 years. But all around us, new cooking techniques and new products will be discovered. We’ll take advantage of these novel approaches to create incomparable taste experiences for our guests.

Can Martin Sieberer still learn something from young colleagues?

Of course! All the young cooks who have worked with me are a source of inspiration. At the moment, I am taking on board many exciting ideas from my two sons. They are training with the best chefs in Europe and then returning to me in the Trofana Royal kitchen.

Role model and facilitator

As a professional, Martin Sieberer thinks far beyond his own stove. After all, he also started as an apprentice and has climbed the career ladder steeply but without taking any shortcuts. Small wonder he enjoys letting youngsters look over his shoulder and credibly conveys the joy of his profession. Sieberer also introduces interested amateur chefs to the secrets of his culinary artistry at the Royal Culinary Academy.

To the Royal Cooking Academy

Many apprentices and young chefs have laid the foundations for a successful career with him, including:

  • Paul Ivic (Tian, Vienna/Munich),
  • Hubert Wallner (Restaurant Saag, Techelsberg) &
  • Tobias Wussler (Ponyhof, Germany)

A successful run

A gourmet life

Martin Sieberer (*1968) is originally from Hopfgarten in Tyrol’s Brixental Valley. In his family, honest, natural cuisine has always been of great importance, which in turn influenced the career aspirations of Martin as a young chef. But it was only after he had completed his apprenticeship as a chef in a small hotel that his ambitions to further deepen his knowledge became apparent. This led him to seek out the best chefs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and in November 1996 he finally moved to Ischgl, where the von der Thannen family was looking for a committed chef for their new five-star superior hotel Trofana Royal.

Here, Sieberer found ideal conditions to become a star chef within a very short time. With his subtle evolution of traditional cuisine, he has elevated the Paznaunerstube restaurant and the entire hotel to the top league in terms of cuisine and image. Heimatbühne, the second restaurant, also became a resounding success with locals, holiday guests and critics.

Sieberer has been married to his wife Veronika since 1993. The pair has three grown-up children. He likes to spend his free time with his family. He also enjoys skiing, running and playing football.

Paznaunerstube awards
  • Gault Millau - 4 toques and 18 points –
  • Falstaff VIP Guide - 4 forks and 98 points –
  • A la Carte Guide - 5 stars and 95 points –
  • Guide Michelin with one star since the year of its appearance in Austria
Heimatbühne awards
  • Rising Chef of the Year 1997
  • Austrian Chef of the Year 2000
  • Schlemmer Atlas Top Chef of the Year 2021 in Austria
  • Innovation prize for ideas and implementation "Culinary Way of St. James" in Paznaun
  • President of the Club of Paznaun Cooks
  • Member of the Board, Austrian National Team of Gastronomy
  • Member of the Board, Paznauner Almkäse region

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