The 'Paznaunerstube' restaurant

The peak of fine dining.

Our à-la-carte restaurant with four toques

Thanks to the Paznaunerstube restaurant, Ischgl first appeared on the gourmet map in 1997. Chef de Cuisine Martin Sieberer, with his penchant for down-to-earth Tyrolean cuisine and first-class international specialities, quickly cooked up a large fan community - and a mountain of awards and top ratings from Falstaff, Gault Millau, À la carte & co. The tenor is unanimous: You will know what good food is after eating here.

Sieberer celebrates rich yet light cuisine with every single dish on the menu (from the surprise to the royal menu). The ambience also conveys unpretentiously upscale lifestyle. With its historical panellings, the epicurean of the 21st century, the Roman gourmet Lucullus, or even Empress Elisabeth of Austria would have felt equally at home in the Alpine rustic parlour.



Our Paznaunerstube restaurant stands for total culinary enjoyment far away from everyday life.

Gault Millau
with 4 toques and 18 points

Falstaff Gourmet Guide 
with 4 forks and 98 points

A la carte guide
mwith 5 stars and 95 points

Michelin Guide
with one star since the year of its appearance in Austria


Making Plans

Table reservations

A seat at the Paznaunerstube is rare and highly sought after. Regular guests often book weeks and months in advance to secure their desired date. You can easily make your reservation online. For group reservations and requests for the same evening, please contact us personally by dialling +43 (0) 5444 600. Tip: For celebrations from 6 persons, the Paznaunerstube also cooks exclusive lunches.

In summer the Paznaunerstube is open on request and for culinary specials.

An old, new classic

Roasted lamb has been part of Tyrolean cuisine for centuries. With the successful dish “Paznaun sheep with paprika puree” Martin Sieberer has restored lamb to the status it deserves.


Light and healthy

Paznaun sheep

In his cuisine, Sieberer makes use of the light, tender meat of three-to four-month-old suckling lambs or the stronger, more aromatic variant of lambs that are fattened for a maximum of one year. As a result, guests can enjoy ragouts, ribs or even ‘Beuschel.’ In order to rely on top quality from his immediate surroundings, he maintains personal contact with the local sheep farmers.

The Paznaunerstube’s recipe for success

Enjoy ...

First-class ingredients
From near (and far)

Those who holiday in Tyrol also want to sample the local specialities. Based on this principle, Sieberer perfects down-to-earth classics and also enjoys reinterpreting them from time to time. The award-winning chef cleverly blends his love of tradition with international artistry and thus proves how well lobster, pigeon and truffle harmonise with local natural products.

that (re)writes historay

The Paznaunerstube demonstrates how storytelling works in the kitchen. Sieberer never ceases to amaze with new ideas, playfully combining aromas, textures and colours, staging dishes for the eye and at the same time preserving the primacy of taste. His menus are an imaginative journey from Paznaun via Piedmont to Brittany and back - always on the trail of exquisite quality and pure enjoyment.

A team that makes
philosophy edible

Mitarbeiter der Pâtisserie im Trofana Royal

You cannot convince gourmet critics with a solo act, much less a whole hotel full of expectant guests. At Martin Sieberer’s side, a brigade of gifted chefs and patissiers swing their spoons like magic wands. His two sons, Thomas and Michael, are also part of the kitchen team at the Trofana Royal in winter. Superior service and personalised wine advice at the table make for the evening.

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