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24 / 11 / 2020

"Paznaun kitchen secrets"

Book tip for connoisseurs

Recently Martin Sieberer and his Club of Paznaun Chefs presented the revised and expanded version of the legendary cookbook " Paznaun kitchen secrets ". 35 Paznaun chefs, 10 of them Young Chefs, reveal new secrets from the cuisine of the valley.

The 290-page work contains great recipes for recooking as well as almost 130 appetising food and portrait photos of Christa Engstler, who has been masterfully photographing Martin Sieberer's creations for many years. So the new cookbook is far too good to disappear on the kitchen shelf simply because of its appearance - it also fits perfectly on the coffee table and inspires you to dream away to the Paznaun when you leaf through it.

A success story for chefs and hobby cooks

Eleven years ago, the Club of Paznaun Chefs published the "Paznaun Kitchen Secrets" for the first time. In 2019, instead of a reprint, the club decided to tackle a completely revised version, which would also include recipes of the Young Chefs Paznaun. No sooner said than done - in just under one and a half years a cookbook of unusual dishes was created, which anyone can prepare with a little knowledge and attention to detail.

"We absolutely wanted to keep the recipes understandable. Even hobby chefs should cook the dishes from our homeland at home," says 7-toque-cook Martin Sieberer, who is pleased about the many imitators.

A culinary journey through the Paznaun

The 35 chefs of the Club of Paznaun Cooks with the Young Chefs Paznaun are each represented with three favorite dishes. Their lists of ingredients naturally include the best from the valley from See to Galtür. The Paznaun highlander, the Paznaun sheep, game from the local forests, the brown trout or even the Galtür mountain hay: none of the region's popular culinary figureheads can be missing.

From Kaiserschmarren to bread recipes to fine meat dishes, the Paznaun chefs celebrate a down-to-earth yet modern cuisine. From this wealth of ideas, a first-class menu can be put together in the most diverse ways.


Discover, try out, enjoy

"The Paznaun is a universe of its own, a valley in the heart of the Alps that ticks differently, thinks differently and cooks differently than neighboring cultural nations," enthuses entertainer, gourmet and friend of the Paznaun Markus Linder in the foreword to the new cookbook.


Paznauner Küchen-Geheimnisse
Michael Wagner Verlag
290 Seiten, fest gebunden

€ 29,95

ISBN: 978-3-71076705-0

Available in bookstores or at office@trofana.at with a personal dedication.


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