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Massages in the Hotel Trofana Royal

Individual massage

This massage relieves tension after sports activities. It promotes a sense of well-being and improves performance. Completely tailored to your individual needs!

25 treatment minutes € 67,-
50 treatment minutes € 95,-

Full body massage

This is the ultimate relaxation therapy. Not only does the massage relieve painful muscle cramps, it also assists mental relaxation. By treating yourself to a full body massage, you are also treating yourself to a new feeling of life – full of energy and vitality.

50 treatment minutes € 95,-

Partial body / back massage

The burdens of everyday life are carried on your back. Your arms and legs are constantly in motion, and your muscles are often sore and stiff after sport. We recommend a partial body massage in order to prevent or alleviate this.

25 treatment minutes € 67,00


Do you have strained muscles? This full-body massage focuses on your most used zones with the help of various massage oils.

50 treatment minutes € 98,00
80 treatment minutes € 139,00

Reflexology foot massage

The reflexology zones on the soles of your feet are the most effective tools we have for helping and healing. Increase your body awareness in a very special way. Foot exfoliation included.

50 treatment minutes € 95,00

Combo massage

Combination of back massage and reflexology foot massage.

50 treatment minutes € 95,00

Aromatherapy massage

The aromatherapy massage is a gentle full-body massage with various aromatic and essential oils that stimulate body, mind and soul.

50 treatment minutes € 98,00

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a therapy to decongest oedemas and swelling. Excess fluids are transferred from the tissue to the lymphatic vascular system through circular movements using light pressure.

Partial body lymphatic drainage for legs or face
50 treatment minutes € 98,00

Full body lymphatic drainage
80 treatment minutes € 139,00

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Taping is a special method originating in Japan. it was developed by the chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase, and has been used for around 30 years with great success. The various taping patterns are based on years of experience of and treatment using Kinesio Taping therapy. This method treats pain, inflammations and swelling by applying elastic, adhesive tape (without any active substances). Each person is individually examined before the tapes are applied.

Taping in combination with treatment € 25.–