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Manicure & Pedicure in the Hotel Trofana Royal

The secrets of aromatherapy rest on ancient wisdoms that specific plants can positively influence us both physically and spiritually. Spa Ritual has made use of the wisdoms that fragrances have aromatherapeutic effects, which speaks to a certain Chakra in our body, and brings balance to our body, spirit and soul. All products are made from regulated organic farms, are 100 % vegan and are produced without artificial dyes and fragrances. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used at any time.

Choose between the following scent themes for your SPA RITUAL treatment:

Infinitely Loving - Chinese Jasmine balancing and harmonizing.

Look Inside - Indian incense deeply relaxing.

Hand & Foot Care

Spa Manicure

Lean back and enjoy this fantastic spa manicure with botanical extracts. It includes a scented oil hand bath, peeling, nail shaping and cuticle care, a pampering hand pack and finally a relaxing massage.

50 treatment minutes € 55,-

Spa pedicure

Allow your feet and your entire body to relax with this wonderfully scented footbath with bath salts and oils. It is followed by a peeling, making your feet velvety and refreshed. The treatment is concluded with a special foot massage.

50 treatment minutes € 68,–

Medical pedicure

For all kinds of problems with your feet.

50 treatment minutes € 75,–

Nail polish Service

in combination with treatment € 20,–
separately € 35,-

From Natural Nails to Gel-Polish Nails

50 treatment minutes € 80.–
Gel polish removal € 40.–