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Facial treatments Ligne ST BARTH

Ligne ST Barth Homme Pureness

Experience the aroma of natural elixirs. Gentle touches have a calming effect on the nervous system. A nourishing hand massage completes the relaxation phase. Ideal for men who want maximum de-stress in the shortest time possible.

A refreshing and cleansing facial treatment
25 treatment minutes € 64,–

In Addition to hand massage & purifying treatment or facial massage
55 treatment minutes € 108,–

Ligne ST Barth Homme Freshness

Experience an exceptional treatment. Exquisite elixirs combined with fresh fruits take you off into a realm of relaxation and pleasure. Relaxation starts with a head & neck massage, which relieves stiff muscles. An indulgent and calming facial treatment provides optimum relaxation. During the relaxation phase your nervous system enjoys maximum recovery. In the tranquil phase your hands are indulged with a nourishing hand massage. A fresh and relaxing complexion lets your personality shine through. Ideal for all men who persistently perform at high levels and who place high demands on themselves.

A refreshing and rejuvenating facial treatment
85 treatment minutes € 148,–