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[Translate to Englisch:] Bäder, Peelings & Packungen im Hotel Trofana Royal

Baths, peelings & packs in the Hotel Trofana Royal

Alpine baths in the whirlpool

Marigold bath € 40,–
Hay flower bath € 40,–
Rose petal bath € 40,–
Camomile bath € 40,–
Tyrolean shale oil bath € 43,–

Approximate length of treatment is 25 minutes!

Cleopatra Bath

Feel like Cleopatra, the Ancient World’s icon of beauty and radiance. Exquisite ingredients – mares’ milk, fresh honey and select fragrances – act on your body and form a soft coat of smoothness. Treat yourself to this royal bathing ritual in Egyptian atmosphere.

25 treatment minutes € 43.-

Royal Cocoon

The scent of freshness awaits you in our steam bath to prepare your skin, followed by a lather massage, wrapping your body in a soft cocoon. A blossom bath stimulates your senses and relaxes you. The relaxing atmosphere gives you a sense of perfect well-being.

Individual treatment
approx. 80 min. € 120,-

Royal VIP

Private steam bath and relaxation area with that certain something. At approx. 45 °C, the steam bath is the ideal way to open all your pores. Choose between an active healing clay pack that stimulates your whole system, or a natural salt exfoliation to improve your skin. Both choices are left on for around 15 minutes in the steam bath. The treatment is concluded with a resting phase.

2-4 persons approx. 50 min.
Per person € 65,-

Vitality packs in the haslauer lounger

Natural moor mud pack

Moor mud is mineral, organic peat. The heat penetrates up to three centimetres into the body, and boosts the metabolism, alleviates pain, promotes circulation and relaxes tense muscles

25 treatment minutes € 48,-

(Highly recommended before massage to relax muscles.)

50 treatment minutes € 78,-

Purifying algae pack

Algae boost your metabolism and moisturise your tissue. The result is firmer and more elastic skin.

50 treatment minutes € 78,-

Royal Ischgl hay bath

Straight from the summer meadows into our barn – our valuable natural resources not only warm you, but also have a relaxing effect on your muscles, and drain excess fluid from your body.

50 treatment minutes € 58,-