E-Bike World Cup for Everybody

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€ 475,00
4 Overnight stays
02.07.2021 - 19.09.2021


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€ 782,50

Fragrant forest air, clear light, mossy soil - how does it feel? Multitasking is required in everyday life. Reduction in a few hours offline bring you back into the balance. Experience relaxed and restful moments. 

Our be BALANCED - Package* includes the following services: 

and the following additional services: 

  • A guided forest bath in 1,800m between pines and pine trees 
  • 2x morning ritual - with the five tibethians 
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Royal detox bath 
  • Vital menu from Martin Sieberer 
*Additional services are included for full price payers. Please note that this offer cannot be combined with regular guest discounts or other packages. 
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