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25 / 11 / 2020

An extraordinary year 2020

Dear Guests!

It is undoubtedly an extraordinary year, this 2020, and if someone had told us at the beginning of it how it would go, we would probably have thought it was the story of a movie. But whining doesn't help, it never has. Every challenge can be an impulse for something new, for something better perhaps, for something else in any case.


Our Ischgl grew up with tourism, the doors to the world opened with the first alpinists and were pushed wide open with the technical conquest of the mountains. And to this day Ischgl has remained a place of contrasts: It is quiet and loud, slow and fast, traditional and innovative, yesterday and tomorrow, summer and winter and everything in between.

Even a virus will not be able to take its identity.

Ischgl is shaped by its diversity and above all by the people who live and work here permanently and all those who are our guests for a while.

That's why we would like to thank:

all the employees from all over the world, who fill the village, hotels and restaurants with life and do everything possible to make our guests' stay as safe as it is pleasant. And of course to you, that you (re)find your way to us as a guest - and even if we are not allowed to do so, still feel hugged.


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