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Gourmet restaurant “Heimatbühne”

Independent of whether someone expects a culinary journey or only a short delicious excursion – it is fulfilled, when palate and heart meet to create a moment that will be remembered for a long time. In Martin Sieberer’s stage of tradition – the “Heimatbühne” - Austrian cuisine and regional delicacies are presented. Traditional meals like the succulent Sunday roast, the famous “Wiener Schnitzel” and “Kaiserschmarren” comprise the menu. Since 2016, the “Heimatbühne” is awarded with 2 of the popular toques from Gault Millau.

Grandma's kitchen

A maximum of 25 people find place on the culinary stage to wallow in the past, where flowery plates and colourful checked tablecloths remind of the Sunday lunch at Grandma's. Alpine cuisine, characterized by simple and tasty dishes with a strong focus on regionality, leaves the guests to expect only the best: the juiciest roast, the fluffiest dumpling and the sweetest “Kiachln”, that grandmother has ever brought on the table.

Numerous awards for the “Heimatbühne” at Hotel Trofana Royal:

Cook at home

Paznaun roast lamb

1 leg of lamb approx. 1.5- 1.7 kg off the bone
Vegetable oil
Salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, garlic
String to tie together

Take the lamb off the bone and wash; marinade in the oil, herbs and seasoning. Roll up the leg and tie it up. Seal the meat quickly on all sides and then place in an oven at around 80° for around an hour. The roast should have a core temperature of 57°. Before serving it is best to grill the meat quickly or sear it in a pan and then season. The best thing is serving the roast lamb in slices at the table.

Beer bread soup

500 g stale wheat and rye bread
125 g stale white bread
500 mls pale ale
2 cups chicken stock
Then 500 mls pale ale
3-5 cups chicken stock
1 lemon 4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp soaked sultanas
1 pinch cayenne pepper

Cut the bread into cubes and let this soften for 12 hours in the beer and stock mix. Push the soaked bread through a sieve or purée with an electric blender. Head the rest of the beer and the chicken stock with the bread purée in a casserole dish. Season this silky smooth soup with a twist of lemon, sugar, sultanas and cayenne pepper. It should taste sweet and sour.